Our Chemical Policy

Chemicals are used in the production of every product we sell. Our approach of “science on tap, not on top” helps us to balance views and advice and then place each chemical in one of four categories:

  1. No concerns - no action required.
  2. Banned - either altogether or in certain uses.
  3. Being replaced - a lower level of concern leading to phase out.
  4. Monitoring - when no definite evidence yet suggests a chemical should be replaced or banned but there are some concerns or scientific research that suggest

To see which chemicals fall under which category and the actions M&S as a company are taking please see the link below Marks & Spencer Chemical Policy


M&S were the first retailer to be awarded the BUAV accreditation for our leading animal testing policy on household products, (www.buav.org) and all our washing up products comply with the sustainable cleaning charter, (www.sustainable-cleaning.com).