Ingredients and safety data

We have produced safety data sheets on our homecare products. They can be found on this web site with the products.

Range for front page Performance You Can Trust


All laundry tablets, liquids, powders and sachets give outstanding cleaning even at 30°C. Independent testing has proven all our laundry products clean as well as and in some cases better than, the leading brands.

As part of our laundry range the Household Category are proud to announce the launch of our super concentrated laundry gels with cold cleaning action. We were the first UK retailer to sell this concept under our own brand. Independent testing has again shown that the gels clean and remove stains ‘as well as the leading brand’ even at 15°C – helping our customers to save energy and think climate!

Our Products

  • Cleaning range for front page

    The brand matching cleaning range has been formulated and designed in a compelling, stand out design.


  • washing up liqs

    You not only get outstanding long lasting cleaning performance but also a fabulous fragrant experience.

    Dish Washing

  • laundry range

    Our range includes laundry powders, liquids and tablets to fabric conditioners, easy iron and starch sprays.

    Clothes Care

  • diffuser

    Bring the outdoors in with one of these fragrances in our Room Mist or Liquid Air Care range.

    Air Care