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Tough on dirt, gentle on your clothes, kind to the planet!

The laundry range has been formulated and designed in a compelling, stand out design. All laundry tablets, liquids, powders and sachets give outstanding cleaning even at 30C. Independent testing has proven all our laundry products clean as well as and in some cases better than, the leading brands.

The full range gives the same (or even better cleaning) but with less chemicals and less packaging.

*laundry range in 2009 vs 2008

As part of our laundry range the Household Category are proud to announce the launch of our super concentrated laundry gels with cold cleaning action. We were the first UK retailer to sell this concept under our own brand. Independent testing has again shown that the gels clean and remove stains ‘as well as the leading brand’ even at 15C – helping our customers to save energy and think climate!

Because the gel is super concentrated just a small amount is sufficient to clean a full wash load, less chemicals, less packaging, less weight to carry home! The gel comes in a unique bottle – so easy to dispense – simply squeeze the gel into the cap and place in the washing machine drum – no mess, no waste! With the gel being in the drum rather than the draw it can get to work quicker – making it perfect for use on ‘quick wash’ and water saving washing machine cycles. The bottle also has a level indicator so it is easy to see when you need to re-buy.

M&S were the first retailer to be awarded the Cruelty Free International accreditation for our leading animal testing policy on household products, ( and all our laundry products comply with the sustainable cleaning charter, (

Premium Laundry Range

Our premium laundry range has all the benefits of our ‘Brand Matching Performance Range’ with that little bit extra…..

This stylish range of fabric conditioners and ironing water has been developed not only for its excellent performance, with all products performing as well as the leading brand, but also for its specially selected fragrances. Each individual fragrance offering a fabulous sensory experience!! All products in the range have been specially developed to leave your laundry wonderfully clean and deliciously fragranced!! Try our Wild Hibiscus and Vanilla, White Orchid and Pearl or Lavender and Lily fabric conditioners.